Remnant House Believes!


We believe and affirm these principles of faith in the Most High Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. While we know that many have differing views and beliefs depending upon their own teaching and understanding of Torah and the mysteries YHWH, we are united in these principles of faith for all of Israel.

As a ministry we stand together united with all who live by every word of YHWH as derived from the Torah as originally recorded by Moses and confirmed by Messiah Yahusha.

We believe these truths to be the fundamental truths of who we are as a people and a nation gathered from all the countries to which we were scattered so long ago.


  • In the existence of YHWH Elohim our Creator, who is perfect in every manner of existence and is the Primary Cause of all that exists.
  • In YHWH Elohim‘s absolute and unparalleled unity.
  • That YHWH Elohim is SPIRIT and that those who would worship HIM must worship HIM in spirit and in truth.
  • In YHWH Elohim’s eternity.
  • That YHWH Elohim is the the ONLY one to which we give worship and no other gods.
  • That YHWH Elohim communicates with man through his prophetic WORD that comes down from the Most High Elohim.
  • That the Torah as given to Israel’s great teacher Moses brings all Israel to Messiah Yahusha for complete national and individual salvation.
  • That the Torah is HOLY and DIVINELY inspired.
  • The TORAH of the MOST HIGH Elohim is immutable and perfect.
  • We believe in and depend on the Most High Elohim’s omniscience and providence.
  • We all shall stand judgment for divine reward and retribution.
  • We believe, anticipate and PROCLAIM the arrival of the Messiah and the messianic era.
  • We rejoice and affirm without reservation that YHWH our Elohim shall resurrect the dead.

Isaiah 43:11 “I, even I, am YHWH; and beside me there is no saviour.”

One Messiah Alone . . . Yahusha HaMashiach!