Here are your survival guides!

We are deeply and humbly grateful for every person that is part of this HOUSE and continues to remain steadfast to support the work of declaring the Gospel of the Kingdom!


The NewKingdom Shekel (NKDM)

We have a digital token which is the ONLY digital currency we will accept and convert on our properties. For a limited time you are able to acquire the NewKingdom Shekel at

The NewKingdom Shekel Token (NKDM) trades on the Stellar Network. You can purchase from USD direct to NKDM at

Purchases of NewKingdom Shekel Tokens are used for our captains to purchase and equip additional locations and supplies for the days to come, while retaining purchasing power for the holder.

You get cryptocurrency which you can spend or trade, the captains get supplies. We all win.