Jonathan Matthew Wright – UPDATED

This is the bed Jonathan slept in and the graphic he left behind after leaving Oregon.


August 2023 UPDATE: Jonathan has been indicted. He has a warrant for his arrest and is a fugitive. See end of this report for details.


By Pastor/Elder Drew McPherson, Elder Jeff Provissiero, Apostle Peter Michael Martinez

About Jonathan … Full Report

Once a matter has been presented by two and three witnesses and rejected … Matthew 18 is clear. It comes before the Assembly.

How many have ever done Matthew 18:15 which requires you to go to your brother directly … and then with two or three witnesses … and then if rejected, you bring it to the assembly. How many?

Matthew 18:15-17 “Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.

But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.

And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.”


Most skip at least one of those steps.

At Remnant House we don’t have that luxury.

Some people will cuss you out for bringing up things and that’s life … you can’t control that.

You have to rise above that and present any trespass or issue and then work for reconciliation. It is not always successful but you try.

If you don’t have success at steps one or two, then the matter comes before the assembly.

Messiah gives us this procedure to help separate the wheat from the chaff.

You see those who have HIS torah in their hearts and LOVE Messiah will do as HE orders. HE is King.

Those who don’t have demonstrated a very dangerous lack of regard for Kingdom procedures as outlined by the KING himself.

When someone rejects their brother and then rejects the mouth of two or three witnesses, Messiah says the matter comes before the Ekklesia and if he rejects the assembly, the offender is considered a publican and a heathen.

It is that final fate that one should seek to avoid at all costs by simply looking for ways to reconcile the matters of trespass.

As many of you know, recently we hosted Jonathan Matthew Wright here at Remnant House.

Initially the visit seemed it would be successful in the recovery of one who seemed a sincere brother in Messiah who needed intervention.

Closer examination revealed a much darker side to this story than we suspected.

It was public knowledge that Jonathan and Darla were breaking up and he was homeless. This was all shared on Facebook and many videos.

We offered for Jonathan to come stay with us and get on his feet.

At first it seemed a good fit and we were happy to host Jonathan. He seemed to receive of our ministry and enjoyed his initial time here.

It wasn’t long however before he began talking to us about DMT and Ayahuasca and Psychodelics. He called it “medicine” and then revealed that a “spirit” in this alternate realm had called him a “mystic” …

New Age supplies were ordered here.

He ordered chemicals with the intention of making these drugs before being told directly it would not be tolerated on property. His intentions seemed to be to corrupt our camp.

It was at that time that we realized that Jonathan was in much worse shape than just being homeless or in need of drug intervention … he was functionally possessed it seemed to us here. We saw all the fruit of the flesh and none of the fruit of the Ruach HaQodesh.

He did not desire deliverance from his “spirit guide” as he saw this as beneficial. Instead it seemed he wanted to convert our camp to a New Age camp where he was the Mystic/Shaman???

We still can’t quite figure out the end he thought would be achieved by attempting to get everyone on DMT. By his own admission, Jonathan is or aspires to be a Shaman. He used that word.

He initially denied every rumor about committing adultery but then later confessed that his departure from the farm in Hawaii was in part due to his desire to have an affair with the woman he left with. She did not consent and Jonathan verbally abused her by his own admission.

We could not contact her nor ascertain her well being despite our attempts. By Jonathan’s own admission he had been very mean to her and did not leave her in a good place despite his attempts to rewrite the story to make himself seem heroic, as if he was saving this poor woman. This was all an act we would later find out. He just wanted to sleep with her.

We were contacted by Jonathan’s wife Darla but decided not to correspond with Darla so that we could form our own opinion based on direct observation rather than hearsay. We had no way of knowing anything that Darla would tell us because we were not there and felt that information could taint our review with prejudice.

Our own direct observations did in fact confirm many complaints about Jonathan that he publicly vehemently denied and attempted to debunk but then he later confirmed either by confession or by repeating the behavior.

After being here for a few weeks, Jonathan helped Remnant House financially with a gift for the purchase of adjacent land. This generosity turned out to be a ploy that he would later use to say the money was borrowed to lay charge at our feet. We also wondered if he thought that by giving he would get us to look the other way on his behavior.

Jonathan wanted to visit his “friend” in Oregon and requested to use a vehicle for two weeks. We accommodated the request and he blew right past his return date by two weeks. He did return the vehicle but only after repeated telephone calls to return.

During this period we received one of the elders of Remnant House who stayed in our guest cabin after Jonathan had left for his visit to Oregon. One day our visiting elder came to us to show us what he had found hidden in the room. It looked like a crack/meth pipe. This was extremely offensive to us and reflected the disregard and disrespect Jonathan was still struggling with. He did not bring it to us to cause strife but to reveal what was hidden.

He stayed with us for some time after this and eventually his friend came to visit us at Remnant House. Jonathan slept in a tent and his friend in his cabin to give us the impression he was walking uprightly concerning this relationship however, this too was deception.

A short time thereafter (less than a week from her arrival) Jonathan left our camp to go live with his girlfriend in Oregon against our counsel.

Jonathan had been well accommodated here at Remnant House and we felt he should focus on his personal recovery before attempting a new relationship but that counsel was cast aside. There was no compelling reason to relocate except a desire to sexually consummate the relationship where he did not have witnesses. Our suspicions were confirmed by her when the relationship dissolved.

Jonathan repeatedly complained of being “hacked” and that his website was stolen. He did not trust his laptop as he believed someone from “Hawaii” was tracking him. He asked Peter Michael Martinez to take over his google and YouTube accounts until he could get a new computer. The account was secured and there was no evidence of prior hacking. This confirmed the level of paranoia we know is part of his condition.

We protected his account so that he could have access and when he obtained a new laptop, he resumed full control of his accounts. We observed acute paranoia concerning his devices we could not assuage.

We do not have any hacking or spying capability here at Remnant House.

Even after it was shown to him there was no evidence of hacking into his computer in spite of his suspicions that he was being hacked from Hawaii, he again claimed his computer was hacked into during his stay at Remnant House because he was “locked out” of his website. Upon further questioning it turned out he was using the wrong password.

Additionally he was not yet divorced nor had he given his wife a bill of divorcement that we could ascertain.

Consequently any relationship where the potential for sexual activity should have been avoided by a follower of Messiah. We knew at that point that he was not operating above reproach.

This graphic was left on the wall for his hostess to remove and burn.

He had no regard for such things. He felt entitled to whatever he wanted and acted accordingly at every opportunity.

We heard from and ministered to the woman with whom he consummated an affair with a woman and lived on their property for over 2 months under the guise of marital courtship. Using a “code” calling them “soul mates” he had convinced her to lay with him repeatedly. This “code” was never produced to date.

We were told by the woman that Jonathan became very angry with her when she would not initially sleep with him and this level of anger was very intimidating to her. Finally she gave in and this was also the way he obtained the vehicle he is driving now. Using coercion and manipulation through very aggressive and angry words.

Eventually the woman began to see this darker side of Jonathan and ended the relationship but he did not immediately leave the premises. He stayed an additional few weeks and then on his way out did not bother to clean the trailer he was graciously afforded to stay in. He left behind 2 New Age/Occult hangings on the wall, a dream-catcher, and a disgusting mess for his hostess to clean for him that took considerable effort.

She described his trailer as “it looked like tweakers lived there.”

The woman’s father was ill and Jonathan told her and then repeated to us that Yahuah had told him that he (the father of his lady friend) would die in 3 weeks. He then departed in a vehicle that he and the failed love interest had purchased together.

He spoke this Prophecy directly to Peter Michael Martinez over the phone and before Mindy who was in the room. In addition, the woman attests to him saying this. We wrote down when the prophecy would come to pass and began to pray. The Ruach confirmed it was false.

When the prophecy failed Jonathan simply denied ever saying it. Little did he know that the entire family as well as our household here at Remnant House were ALL aware of the word that he spoke saying Yahuah told him … and it fell to the ground. We were praying for the sick man and knew exactly when the 3 weeks would end. That is how seriously that word was taken.

Then it did not come to pass and we needed no further review. The word that Jonathan presented was false prophecy.

This is when Jonathan became enraged and started to attack Peter mercilessly. He was clearly not operating by the Ruach of Elohim in case anyone could not tell by his videos.

Jonathan has gone on a smear campaign against Remnant House and Peter Michael Martinez ever since his false prophecy fell to the ground and he knew the rest of this behavior would be presented before the assembly as he knows full well the procedure.

His latest smear campaign has been an effort to smear Remnant House and Peter Michael Martinez for having the courage to confront him with his behavior. He left a family in Hawaii with no concern for the condition of any the members of his family. He doesn’t care about any damage he does to anyone.

We did not witness any authenticity with Jonathan unless he was talking about DMT or psychedelics. The person you see on broadcasts is NOT the person we saw behind the scenes. There is little to no mention of Yahuah and never did Yahusha get mentioned. Not one time that anyone can recall.

He was quite callous about anything and anyone that didn’t serve his desires.

Jonathan has not demonstrated even the smallest degree of authentic remorse about any of his actions that we could detect or ascertain for ANY of the things which we presented to him.

Having advance warning these things would eventually be presented to the assembly, he has sought to defame and discredit Remnant House in advance of our public report. It appears that Jonathan has a conscience seared as with a hot iron.

Now he continues to attempt to defame or discredit any who may call him out.

Our full reports of the witnesses will be posted on our website. Beyond these reports, we have nothing further to add.

Jonathan refused our help. He refused to repent. He considers himself above the scripture and above all on the Earth such that none can show him error.

There is nothing further we could do but keep Jonathan in prayer as at present.

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Review by Peter Michael Martinez 



August 2023 UPDATE:


The following update was sent to Remnant House via email recently. We urge all to continue praying for Jonathan’s deliverance.


Jonathan Matthew Wright told you, as well as the YouTube public, he was cleared of all charges against him. 


That was not true.


It’s taken 18 months to get Jonathan charged. Currently, there is a warrant out for his arrest.


Jonathan Matthew Wright is charged with Invasion of Privacy, a 1st Degree Felony that comes with a 5-year sentence upon conviction, $10,000 fine, $25,000 bail and therapy required. Here’s the indictment: 


The prosecutor’s office has the 42 videos Jonathan recorded. The children were interviewed by the police forensic therapist. And there’s also a damning CPS report ordered by a judge.


Testimony and other evidence presented to the Hawaii County Grand Jury show Jonathan secretly recorded his 13-year-old daughter, his wife, and his 16-year-old son during their showers.


At present, Jonathan is a fugitive.

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Released into Ministry in 1995, Apostle Peter Michael is an Emissary of the New Kingdom of YHWH, Elohim of Israel.