Beast Technology: Smart Dust

By Monica Porterfield – Remnant House
Date: March 7, 2018


chemtrail-759x500Small wireless silicon MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical sensors) that detect everything, from light to vibrations. Each mote is roughly the size of a grain of table salt.

This nanotechnology electronics depends on the presence of aluminum and barium in the environment to function. This can be used in many environments; agriculture, industrial, biological, military, etc. While there are many advantages, there are a few important disadvantages (see video below).

Let’s look at how it can be used on a human body.

Your body, when ingested, attempts to reject it. As your body tries to get rid of it, the smart dust motes use the cell protein’s energy, as a constant loop of charged electricity, keeping ‘its battery full’.

Once smart dust establishes in the body, it operates at a certain resonance (frequency). It can then be tracked by that frequency, giving a live image of an individual from the inside, out. Very useful to doctors, and it is relatively harmless.

However, it allows computer software to monitor you (not people), in order to collect data. On a large scale, the collection and integration of data from a variety of miniature sensors would be more successful with AI (artificial intelligence). And, AI cannot exist without receiving a lot of data. It must comb through obscene amounts of data to make it more refined and intelligent.

nano1In 2018, many AI systems will be activated in large enterprises and cities such as Sprint and Dallas, due to the necessary framework being embedded in hardware devices created in 2017 from all manufacturers, forcing an upgrade of most networks, worldwide. China and United States are already prepared.

Signal poisoning. All humans suffer from it in one form or another. For example, a human body’s cells communicate by chemicals. Those chemicals requires a resonance. So if it is disturbed by an external signal, a system goes haywire and not function as designed. The same concept is true on the erratic behavior of bees when their hive is located near microwave towers. Examples of external signals include cell phones, microwave towers, GPS, etc…. GPS being the most damaging.

How do humans ingest an overabundance of materials such as aluminum and barium that will effect one’s chemical makeup and resonance when combined with the presence of smart dust? By introducing them in processed foods, as well as chemtrailing, which both act as excellent bonding agents for nanotechnology once, ingested or inhaled.

By May, a new communications platform will be activated, aka 5G networks (IPv6 framework) in the United States, to be fully live by the end 2018. This makes Internet and communications platform extremely faster and ‘seemless’, than ever before. There is a race to activate 5G technology around the world. China and other parts of Asia are ahead of Europe. The United States is racing against Asia to get 5G activated and everything wireless, predicted to be at its largest, in 2022.

5G network allows AI systems to successfully intergrate on the Internet, because the transmission speeds of the network will then be able to keep up with the intelligence of the AI systems interacting with all connected hardware in the network, without the delays, unlike 3G and 4G network technology.


If architects build structures (in ancient times or today) with the appropriate metals needed within the material of the structure, how does that assist the absorption of the energy surrounding it? For example, in the pyramid of Giza and, each side of that pyramid has specific metal compounds mixed in with dirt and stone, than the other sides.

nano2Was that by accident, or did the builders know what they were doing? What does this do for that structure?

Answer: It makes is a VERY powerful transistor that can control the flow of electrons.  It can redirect the energy output of the earth, into any direction one wants. The structure must include stone rich in metals like iron, granite, or mercury, which acts as a catalyst to these other metals and crystals.

That is why many researchers like Tom Horne, Tim Alberino, Mike from Around the World and Steve Quayle believe that many ancient ruins functioned for way more than dwelling and living. (aka Ancient Technology).

Did you know that if you shape a good size crystal or quartz in the shape of a cone or pyramid, you cause an electronic vortex above and around it?  By the shape of the crystal.

“Pyramid energy is a life-giving force called bio-cosmic energy, which allows for the pyramid to become a kind of cosmic antenna that tunes into vast energy sources, receives the energy and changes itself into a magnetic field.”

Mercury is a very dense planet with a liquid metal core. Many things on Earth such as ancient pyramids, align directly towards the planet Mercury. From a satellite view, one can see all these stone structures point towards it. (For example, pyramids in Mexico, static-attracting pillars in Greek ruins, and the ancient cities in India that are still standing) But how is all this relevant to smart dust?

According to the Bible, there truly is nothing new under the sun. This is just a reinvention of ancient technology, in a different package. See 2-minute video Smart Dust technology:




Scientists fear the magnetosphere failing sooner than later. They put a secondary shield around the earth in recent times, due to the impact of all the energy waves from the sun. All countries are feeling it. This resonance is causing chaos to all biological lifeforms on the planet. There are and will always be signs of the effects. Plants will be the first to die. Sea life will begin to die off. Then the animals die. Diseases and bacteria in carcasses take hold at that point, and humans have contact with them. Thereafter, the diseases will cultivate and take hold of humans, causing deadly new pathogens to form. Due to poor eating habits among most of humanity, immune systems are already compromised, which means a non-deadly cold, can become fatal. We are already beginning to see this. Therefore, preparation and lifestyle changes are necessary ASAP.