Blood Moon New Year For Trees!

blackandwhiteWhen I woke up early this morning I walked out into my living room and I could see the moon. Last night it was full and bright but when I awoke this morning it was half covered in an eclipse.

I just stood there for a moment realizing that window was put there many years ago so that I would be able to see that sight at that precise moment.

That is how detailed HIS PLANS are.

I was standing exactly where I needed to be standing at the precise moment in time I needed to be there.

Psalm 37:23 “The steps of a good man are ordered by YHWH: and he delighteth in his way.”

Today is the 15th of Shevat and it is the New Year for the Trees.

Here is an excerpt on the day quoted from

Olive Tree Live“The 15th of Shevat is the New Year for Trees, known as Tu b’Shevat.

According to Biblical law, there is a seven year agricultural cycle, concluding with the Sabbatical year. When the Holy Temple stood in Jerusalem, on years one, two, four and five of this cycle, farmers were required to separate a tenth of their produce and eat it in Jerusalem. This tithe is called Maaser Sheni, the Second Tithe, because it is in addition to the (two percent which must be given to the Kohain, and the) ten percent which is given to the Levite. On the third and sixth years of the cycle, instead of the owners eating the Maaser Sheni in Jerusalem, they gave this second tithe to the poor, who were permitted to consume it wherever they wished.

It takes approximately four months for the rains of the new year to saturate the soil and trees, and produce fruit[On the Sabbatical year, no tithes are separated. All produce which grows during this year is ownerless and free for anyone to take.]

It was therefore of vital importance to ascertain when the new year started for produce. Our Rabbis established that a fruit which blossomed before the 15th of Shevat is produce of the previous year. If it blossomed afterwards, it is produce of the “new year.” [By comparison, grains, vegetables, and legumes have the same New Year as humans, the 1st of Tishrei.] Why is this so? In the Mediterranean region, the rainy season begins with the festival of Sukkot. It takes approximately four months (from Sukkot, the 15th of Tishrei, until the 15th of Shevat) for the rains of the new year to saturate the soil and trees, and produce fruit. All fruit which blossom beforehand are a product of the rains of the previous year, and are tithed together with the crops of the previous year.”

Knowing that “trees” are often used to demonstrate ISRAEL as the Olive Tree and other “trees” are cursed and dry up. . . it is important that we take note when something significant happens on such a day.

This sign happens in the middle of a 7 day fast SANCTIFIED by the KING for a confrontation against the powers of Darkness.

Perhaps you cannot see the picture quite yet but what is emerging is the fulfillment of scripture before the eyes of the WORLD.

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Peter Michael Martinez

Released into Ministry in 1995, Apostle Peter Michael is an Emissary of the New Kingdom of YHWH, Elohim of Israel.