1 Peter Michael Martinez, an apostle of Yahusha HaMashiach, to the strangers scattered throughout the United States of America and across the Earth.

2 Elect according to the foreknowledge of YHWH Elohim the Father, through sanctification of the Spirit, unto obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Yahusha HaMashiach, King of all glory: Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied.

3 Blessed be the Elohim and Father of our Lord Yahusha HaMashiach, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Yahusha HaMashiach from the dead,

4 To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you,

5 Who are kept by the power of YHWH Elohim through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.

6 I am sent, not by the order of men, but by the word of Yahusha HaMashiach seated at the right hand of power, for the great gathering of the saints scattered abroad whom YHWH Elohim would unite as ONE in these last days.

7 Beloved, know that after two visits to Israel for Pesach and Shavuot in 1999, I was then sent by the KING of all glory to 40 cities across America to deliver this word to the people.

8 As it was given to me, so with trembling did I deliver this warning to the inhabitants of America.

9 Thus saith the Captain of the Hosts of Heaven.

10 I AM bringing the changes that are needed to bring MY people from this land to the land of promise.

11 For they shall come from the North and the South and the East and the West.

12 I will bring them in, saith The Living Elohim. I will bring them in.

13 I have sent My gatherers for My harvest for the harvest is ripe.

14 It is the time for the gatherers to form up. Form up in ranks and cry to the King of the Harvest.

15 No more disorder, for I will bring down those that have exalted themselves and bring them low before ME saith YHWH.

16 I will cause even the highest of them to bow and weep. Their assets will not save them. No.

17 When I brought MY children from the land of Egypt, did they sustain themselves? NO, they did not. I sustained them.

18 Did they defend themselves? No, they did not. I defended them and wasted their enemies and removed even the chiefest among them from before My face.

19 So shall it be again in these days. I will deliver.

20 I will deliver MY remnant and they shall come from all the countries that I have scattered them and return to their folds.

21 They shall come in and bring the glory of the nations in to lay before ME saith YHWH.

22 They will be mine own. I will be their Father and they shall be My sons.

23 No more shall they be made afraid for they shall all know that I AM King.

24 Then all the nations shall know that I am sanctified in My people and that they are one with Me.

25 I will contend with those who contend with My chosen, My elect.

26 I have lamented for this nation, says the Sovereign King of the Hosts of Heaven.

27 I have wept for the lambs in this place whom are torn by the wolves while the shepherds wax fat.

28 I have seen the captivity of My people even though they do not consider themselves captives. “We have plenty” they say. “We have freedom” they say.

29 But they are utterly wanting and are slaves to the winds of evil which blow in this nation and to those who have exalted themselves above My people and have caused them to fall and become weak when I have ordained them to be strong.

30 So I will return the captivity of My people and deliver them from this bondage.

31 I will turn again those shepherds who have forgotten the KING and the fear of Most High. I will bring them low.

32 Many I will slay because they will not repent and teach others their rebellious ways. I will revisit this house in a season. I will see, after I have humbled this house, if they will follow Me. If they will do as I command.

33 I have sent My chosen, My elect Messengers whose hearts are mine. I have put a steel rod in their backs and a sharp sword in their mouths that they may stand and declare MY message to this nation and MY people.

34 They will come in among the people and declare the word of the King with boldness. They will bring MY divine order and call My people to assemble as they assembled when I removed them from Egypt.

35 These chosen I have sent. For this time and season.

36 You shall know them because they do not speak of themselves or their ministries or their plans. They do not show you programs or prophesy a vain thing. They will speak forth from My holy word My Message to this generation.

37 To those whom have bridled and harmed My people. To those who use vanity and strife to control My people. They will speak and it shall be as though flames are proceeding from their mouths.

38 They will declare My righteousness and serve My lambs and deliver them home to Me saith YHWH.

39 I have waited for this house. It encumbereth the Earth. Now I shall dig and dung it and return in a season to see if it bears fruit. If not, I will pluck it up and it shall be remembered no more. Thus saith YHWH.

40 So I, Peter Michael Martinez, Apostle of the KING of all glory was faithful as you all bear witness to deliver this word to a nation and people who are dull of hearing the word of YHWH Elohim.

This word was proclaimed with a jar of brimstone from the remains of Sodom and Gomorrah which remain as a testimony of the judgment of YHWH Elohim and the warning to the nations which do not heed the WORD of YHWH to repent.