The Master of the Harvest Now Comes!

masterThe Master of the Harvest Now Comes!

“For I have called and I have spoken says YHWH to the four corners of the Earth. Come Harvest Come.

I have spoken through My Apostles that I will not be mocked. That which a man has sown shall he also reap. Many have sown to themselves in greed, in lust, in perversion of My ways, so their harvest shall be filled with sorrow, and pain, and harsh change.

will not strive with man nor will I give My pleasant fruit to those whom blaspheme the grace of My covenant. I have called My sons and daughters to walk in My Spirit and harken to My Ways.

The nations are troubled with a great groaning for the time of accounting before My Throne is come. I have called MY People whom are called by My Name to humble themselves and pray and turn from the wickedness of this present age and seek ME.

This is the time when I examine to see whom shall be brought up and whom shall be laid low. This is the time that I examine your thoughts and see your heart for the season to come. You whom have played the harlot with my holy things and have dishonored ME shall fall down and feel that same dishonor.

I chasten My children whom I love for I search the hearts of My people. What I desire is to see your heart meek and tender before ME to do My will and walk in My truth says YHWH, Master of the Harvest.

Now comes the dividers of the flock for I have sent My angels to divide the wheat from the tares. I have sent my holy Apostles and Prophets to speak to the nations with one voice to call My people to look up, for your time of reversal is at hand.

Now listen to My voice and harken to My sayings. Do not think you can avoid My hand.

Now is the time to Kiss the Son lest you perish from the way.

I bring you life and I seek to transform you and all you touch. You whom have chosen to love this present world and whom have been deaf to hear the voice of the ones crying in the wilderness, you shall be brought low. I humble whom I will humble and I exalt whom I will exalt.

I make you prosper and I take away your stores for all is mine and I call my stewards to account before ME saith YHWH.

You whom have gathered much of this worlds goods seeking to preserve your own lives and have not honored Me and My holy purpose, your soul shall be required of you.

Many I will now bring off the Earth for they have forgotten the fear of the Most High. Though My Apostles and Prophets gather to pray for them they shall still be taken from the Earth for this is My Time and I will not be mocked says YHWH.

So now call upon Me and draw nigh to Me my children while you have opportunity. Be wise like the unrighteous steward and make friends for yourselves in wisdom with the mammon of unrighteousness while yet you have opportunity for the day of My Reversal is upon you.

Now those whom have suffered shame and dishonor shall be given honor. Some even double honor.

Those whom have sown faithfully to My Spirit and My Glory shall now reap that they may sow more and show forth from their humble stewardship the rewards of the diligent and humble.

Many whom enjoyed the grace of abundance shall now taste the bitter drink and shall know lack and I will humble many in this hour that they may learn to trust ONLY in ME.

This is the time long foretold and it comes upon the House quickly for as I have told you, the wealth of this world is laid up for My Just Ones.

Examine yourself now says YHWH and seek ME for those areas where you have not honored Me and repent quickly lest as I move in your midst you are greatly chastised.

Many whom will not repent and seek only their own deliverance and safety shall be removed in a moment. I will not allow them to see this next season.

I will remove many from the Earth and cause them to be a sign to the house that the day that comes is both Great and Terrible. Let the Fear of the Most High come upon the nations.

All the enemies shall be made the footstool of Messiah for the mouth of the Most High YHWH has spoken. ”


About The Author

Peter Michael Martinez

Released into Ministry in 1995, Apostle Peter Michael is an Emissary of the New Kingdom of YHWH, Elohim of Israel.